Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Fact That Dick Cheney Is Not In Jail Right Now Is A Tragedy

The Rule Of Law my fucking ass.

Where do I start?
Cheney is without a doubt, the most corrupt motherfucker that this country has ever had the misfortune to elect into the second highest office in the land.

My mind is flat fucking boggled trying to find a reason this treasonous fucking prick is not sitting in a jail cell right this fucking second.
Jesus Christ on a Slip-N- Slide.

He managed to slink away from a certain treason conviction for outing Valerie Plame, that pisses me clear the fuck off, the fucking bastard has stacked hundreds of his little minions all through our government to this day that fuck us over and now we see that he directed the CIA to lie to our Congress trying to hide a very shady little pet project.

I started this Blog because I was incensed at the shit Bush and his little butt buddies were up to and Cheney has always been Number One on my list of traitorous motherfuckers.
In my heart, I knew they were breaking every damn covenant that this country ever stood for and I was absolutely right.

Now I am incensed that the Obama administration will not hold these fuckers accountable.

That is Bullshit.

Apparently the Rule of Law only counts if you make less than a million bucks a year, then ya can do what ever the fuck ya want.

Horse. Fucking. Shit.

Cheney has been shown without a doubt to have subverted the Constitution, several fucking times.

If ya don't have the fucking balls to prosecute the old bastard, unplug him and let him die in his sleep.He is a danger to this countries safety, even though his claims of killing anyone who isn't a Republican donor seems to be Gospel to the Right Wing Tards.

Yeah, Fuck You Dude.

History has shown me, the farther out they are in time from their time in office, the more nasty shit gets to see the light of day. Hell, we are still finding out about shit from Nixon. I can't fucking wait to see what these bastards were up to behind our backs.

How much more is it going to take to prosecute this fucking guy?


  1. We're in the middle of some of the HEAVIEST shit to come from our protestations since Viet War and Nixon.

    And the ONLY fuckin reason ANY of this shit's coming to light is the HEAVY the progs are wielding.

    On all fronts.

    But it will take MORE heavy, on all fronts, from progs and centrists, to really GET change.

    At some point, street protests will be needed.

    This one is being waged from the keyboards, the phones, the faxes, but the TRUTH to the TEETH will ultimately be in the bodies in the streets. Peacefully, of course.

    But man, this country's fed up with loss of jobs, income, housing, healthcare, and quality of life.

    THAT alone unites 73% easily.

    Denial of the healthcare options for public coverage OR single payer is gonna rouse the masses like no war ever did before.

    I mean, we're in Iraq, Afghan, and Pak, and the MONEY it's costing you and me and all of us is obscene. But NO one has rallied the masses to the streets for antiwar issues.

    But POCKETBOOK and HEALTH Issues? As we watch our parents die, our own generation die, for lack of care, rejection of coverage, and such?

    For loss of housing? Loss of jobs and income?

    Yeah, the fuckers fucked the masses. The paybacks are coming. For some of us, it's 40 years of corporatist and right wing facist oligarchy we are lookin to get rid of.

    40 fuckin years, hoss.

    Dig THAT shit.

    But it won't mean shit to a tree (Jefferson Airplane) unless bodies are in the streets.

    I don't see pressure on pols and the lobby's coming from phone calls and faxes, ya know?

    It's a start, but it's not a finish.

    Gonna take bodies in the streets to make the change. Peaceful bodies, in, the streets.

    Lots of them. Millions upon millions.

    And the fuckers of the 1% keep driving the bus to ENSURE them millions upon millions WILL open their windows and shout out I Sure As Hell Won't Take It Anymore!


  2. I couldn't agree more. Any other nation pull the sh*t we have and their leaders would be tried for "war crimes" or "crimes on humanity" and rightfully so.

  3. Don't hold your breath for any prosecutions, pal.

  4. If Dick Cheney told the CIA to lie to congress, then I hope they return the favor and send his ass up to the big house to spend a few years behind bars. We can't just keep letting these people subvert the rule of law. It's outrageous! Nice blog!