Monday, November 07, 2011

Cain's Run Is Pretty Much Over.

Accuser number four goes public.

I say it's time for that guy to grab his cock and take a walk.

Yer toast asshole.


  1. Anonymous3:42 AM

    I'll bet if he had a 'D' in front of his name, the press would be running stories of how this was all 'ancient history' and it was nobody's business. My question - was a cigar involved?

    Clinton had a loooong reputation for womanizing, even during the campaign. Jennifer Flowers went on camera claiming a long time affair with him during his tenure as governor - yawn.

    I'm not a huge Cain fan myself, but the hypocrisy goes for miles and miles. I'm sorry to see him go myself - the other Repubs seem pretty boring in comparison.

  2. I agree with anon. He was a laugh riot. Hey if good old Justice Thomas can do it, why not Cain? Plan 9 from outer space was even more terrifying than the old horror flick! He was a like a one man comedy show. Perry and Romney aren't nearly as interesting, unless of course one of them has a gay skeleton or pedophile in their closet. ( you never know!) The more religious you are, the more repressed and all kinds of problems seem to be magically revealed. The race hasn't even started and look at all this entertainment!

  3. I don't know, supposedly his poll numbers are still up.

    It baffles the hell out of me; is America so misogynistic that even the tighty whitey crowd is all "Yeah, Dude, get some for US, too" on this issue?

    I swear....if not for that Labyrinth out there, I'd make a damn fine Canadian.

  4. Anonymous2:07 PM

    There's a difference between consensual relationships and
    a creeping pattern of harassment
    of people working for you to outright sexual assault of an ex-employee asking for employment