Monday, June 20, 2011

It Never Stops

Tax breaks, tax breaks, tax breaks. That's all I hear in between the bed squeaking from the ass fucking we are getting at every other turn.

Unions bad, a whopping ten percent of the work force,Medicare,Medicade, Social Security, the Wic Program, unemployment, ad fucking nauseum.

Now Big Business is wanting to bring a few BILLION dollars back to the US and what do you think their demands are?
Tax cuts.

In the first place, American business are already sitting on ONE TRILLION dollars in cash, they are trying to claim their intentions are as pure as the driven snow and they want to stimulate the economy.

Why is it the back of my legs just got a chill like someone ripped the covers off?

Because they pulled this shit before.

The NYT actually does a good job of exposing their true motives and if you go read that article, I guarran-fucking-tee ya, you will be just as pissed as I am.
Lying, skeezy cock fucking suckers.

They want a tax holiday so they can bring that money back here and find ways to fuck us some more.
A tax holiday from a 35% rate on Billions, to down to just over 5%

And, you just know, those rotten fucking pricks win Congress will stick their hands out and be glad to help.




  1. I think they're holding on to that $Trillion to fuck Obama. And us, of course.

  2. The only reason they sent it offshore is for tax evasion purposes.
    They always get their way.
    Till really bad things happen.
    Nothing ever changes.

  3. You do realize that corporations don't pay taxes anyway, right? We pay them when we buy their shit. Raise their taxes, they raise their prices. Either way, it's you and me who pays. The WHOLE FUCKING TAX SYSTEM IS A SCAM. A Ponzi scheme, just like this whole fucking economy which is built on ass-raping everything it touches. Bernie Madoff was small potatoes compared to the fucking thieves that run this country...

  4. Wasn't it Mark Twain who wrote: "The only truly native American criminal class is Congress"?

    Glad you found a spot for Squatlo Rant on your blogroll. I'll add your ornery ass ASAP!

    Cool site, I'll be back! (you were warned)

  5. Couldn't agree with you more man. Big biz is a bunch of cheats and congress will probably agree to it, the jackasses.