Thursday, June 16, 2011

Here It Comes

Oh fer chrissakes.
My lovely bride to be has changed the date to go tell her parents three fucking times because she is afraid of their reaction.

Fuck.  That.

Goddammit, at 48 years old, you  just tell them, they have no say at that point and will be glad, or not.  Let that be an example to the other two daughters.


Now I all of a sudden, at one phone call, have to get presentable and drive clear into another state and try to behave myself, not an easy set of tasks.

Not going to happen.

Behaving myself could be a problem.

I would have to think a case of the nerves would be normal, not.

I am what I am .

Have a nice fucking day.


  1. Meeting in In-Laws is never fun the first time Busted!! But I do say just be yourself.. And at that age you had better being making your decisions and ta heck with what the parents want.. My kids all know that they have final say on Their own life...

  2. Be yourself, just be the best you there is. That's not really too much to ask. For her sake, so she does not have to hear about it, go sober and don't drink.

    You don't have to stay long. Have a friend call you with emergency if she does not mind. You can call them as you pull into the driveway of the future in-laws home. Then, give it two hours or three and have the friend call you with an emergency.

    How old is the woman you are marrying? Just curious as to why she fears telling her parents.

    If they have not met you, has your reputation preceded you?...just kidding..LOL.

    Are they religious fanatic, right wing nuts...something other that is totally intolerable?

  3. The second time I met my in-laws was at the wedding. No one got shot, but guns were displayed.

  4. Anonymous4:18 AM

    You have a nice effing day too. :^)

    Probably just wedding jitters, it'll pass. In law relationships are always tricky, keeping the peace wise.