Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Feel Safer Now?

This is fucked up beyond comprehension.
Not only would I be in jail right the fuck now, I would also have several contusions and quite possibly, some broken bones.
There is no way in fucking hell I would calmly stand by and watch this happen to my little girl.
No. Fucking. Way.

Fuck You, Amerika, for letting shit like this come about.

I just had to watch this again because it pissed me off so fucking bad, two hours later.
No, No and No.
Fuck that, fuck this and Fuck them.

Will NOT happen.


  1. Yep, so many reasons to boycott air travel. It's one of the front-lines in this insanity.

  2. Hi Busted,

    I won't fly for any reason, just because of this. Is there any level of shit, up with which Americans will not put?


  3. I wonder how these chickenshit parents sleep at night, you just let your daughter get assaulted. Gutless pukes this pisses me off. This kind of shit will really make me feel safe, oh wait I don't fly anymore and haven't for years.

  4. Anonymous12:19 PM

    The article I read with the images made it worse...another parent, all righteous Kool-Aid socked, said her 4 year old boy was "used to this" and other folks getting knickers knotted just needed to "suck it up" because that is "how air travel is now".
    NOT unless we let it be, you stupid sheep-like dimwit!