Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Get Ready, Here It Comes

Christmas is coming.

The Retailers are going to be desperate this year, I don't give a fuck what the news assholes are saying, I am seeing it with my own eyes.

Halloween was a disaster and Thanksgiving is going to reinforce the notion of family.
One good Turkey Pot Luck and a few eyes are going to get opened, a little here and there for the common good is a good thing.

Even if I don't much care for 1970's Lime Green Jello Molds with walnuts in 'em.

I see Christmas being the Death Knell for this economy and I suspect so do the Powers That Be. I already know Christmas is going to be sparse around these parts and I am not just talking about myself, key words, these parts.

That is why they are belatedly talking about a jobs stimulus.
What the fuck do they know about a bad Holiday season, half of those bought off fuckers are already Millionaires.

As for the rest of us, I see a run on the Mashed potato's and gravy and there won't be any left overs.

I can see lot's of salads, maybe a pumpkin pie and some fruit salad.
Sure, we will have the traditional turkey and the green beans and onion casserole.
Can you say Gone In Sixty Seconds?

I generally get a coupon for a turkey for Thanksgiving and I am DAMN grateful for that.
I donate it to Mom and she handles that part.

I have a large, extended family.
That's what is nice about the dinner rolls and a bunch of kids.
I am thinking another ten pounds of taters and gravy. Fill 'em up with carbs and turn 'em loose!

I ain't worried about it, I'll drink dinner anyway.

All the while, Wall Street is predicting record profits and record bonuses.

If ya can, invite one of those Playa motherfuckers over and ask 'em to bring the Marshmallows for dessert,

I here they are fattening but one less of those dirty fucking bastards would make the holiday season just that more enjoyable.

Tell 'em it tastes just like chicken.


  1. As always, good stuff to digest from yer moufs.

    I got a turkey to give somewhere, likely a local food bank called Loaves N Fishes, they do homeless feeding and shelter. Have for a LONG time.

    Gotta support local. Churches? Eh, I don't know, I'm not wired to support churches. I'd rather support an agency that's delivering local.

    We are only two, but with nabes in our apt complex we'll likely cook and share with, all day long. I like that idea.

    All I'll be missin is some jams and folks to pick with, but hey, it's a Day Of Thanks.

    Of Sharing.

    As you posit, somehow I think we're ALL gonna be sharing a lot more, before this clusterphuck of the middle class is over.

    And for that sharing, I think I'm quite pleased with what our species CAN do, when ya know the right people.

    Those folks being those that CARE to look out for others.

    And to that end, hoss, thanks for looking out for your neighbor, even if you DID hafta kick his ass one night.

    Get him a bottle, tell him to drink by himself from now on.

    You'll BOTH live longer!!! *G*

    Slainte Mhath, hoss, way to be good for yourself, your family, your neighbors and all of us.

  2. Anonymous5:20 AM

    I agree with your opinion on what Thanksgiving holiday will be - lots of empty pockets down here too. Been approached by quite a few folks claiming they need a buck for gas - they get paid on Friday. Okay, whatever, I can spare a buck or two, I've been there myself in the past.

    Turkey bologne sandwiches, bag of Tom's potato chips and generic soft drink will be reality for a few folks this Thanksgiving. Hope they realize its not the food served, its the company who is around that table that counts. Be sure to count your Blessings - they make the bad times better by a long shot.

    Those of us who have lost Grandparents / Parents and who miss them can relate to what I'm saying - their absence is felt. OB, I'm glad you are honoring your Mom like that, thats the way to live.

  3. tsisageya5:32 AM

    I'll be one of those wacky nut-jobs who will be commemorating a National Day of Mourning on that day.

    Don't get me started on Christmas.