Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Screw Joe the Plumber,Frank The Lineman Is My Hero

A new ethics complaint has been filed against Sarah Palin concerning her billing the government for hauling her kids all over creation.

Raw Story is reporting that Frank Gwartny, a retired Linerman has filed an ethics compalint against Palin.

"Palin ran on the platform of ethics, transparency and anti-corruption. I'm tired of the hypocrisy that exists in Government and people need to know the truth," Frank Gwartney, the ex-lineman, told CBS.


Palin's three daughters have accrued $32,629 travel expenses, while her husband has booked another $22,174. In sum, the travel reimbursements to Palin's family have totaled $54,803.

Palin's spokesman said the governor followed state policy.

"Governor Palin followed state policy allowing governors to charge for their children's travel and there's also the expectation that the first family participate in community activities across the state," spokeswoman Sharon Leighow said.

That ought to go over well.
Flying them out to see the First Dude race his snowmobile certainly qualifies, Right?


  1. Of course it qualifies when your Repuglican and know so many that have come before her were never held accountable.

  2. ho hum another gop scandal --- do ANY of them ever go anywhere

    these people just never stop -- and yet there minions cannot adore them enough

  3. Oh I agree.
    The one thing that brightens my day about this kind oif shit is that it costs them money and ties up their right wing lawyers playing defense all the time so they aren't free to make more mischief.

  4. Maybe we should empty Gitmo and fill it with republicans.

    Screw joe the Plumber, we have Joe the Homeless.

  5. Anonymous2:58 AM

    Good link, Demeur. I've had pretty much Joe-the-homeless' attitude for some years now. McCain and Palin and all their supporters - screw 'em all.