Sunday, October 19, 2008

Colin Powell Endorses Obama

This is the same Colin Powell who knowingly made the case that Saddam Hussein had portable biological weapons laboratories to the world the whole time he knew he was lying out his ass.
He is directly responsible for selling the invasion of a sovereign nation using false information.

Never forget that.

Fuck him.

H/T to PhysioProf for reminding me.


  1. Oops, my bad?

    He believed the hype. Not criminal in and of itself. It was no accident that he was elsewhere when the deal went down.

    He should still answer for his part, but he made a good-faith first step yesterday.

  2. Thanks for the fucking link, holmes!

  3. Double fuck the sonofabitch. He knew it was lies and still went ahead with it.

  4. johnnypeepers11:58 AM

    Don't forget the Vietnam War "My Lai massacre" cover-up when he was an Army investigator. That fool got blood on his hands.