Monday, October 20, 2008

That Giant Sucking Sound You Hear

Is the sound of Rupert Murdochs Media empire retrenching in the face of the ass beating the Republican Party is about to get.

Not only is the American public already exposed to some of the most outrageous and toxic partisan propaganda , via Fox News, they are going long by hiring that mendacious fucking DOUCHEBAG, Glenn Beck and Judy Fucking Miller of Plamegate fame.
You know they are fucking desperate when they put that discredited and arguably treasonous piece of shit on the payroll. No doubt if that proven traitor Novak didn't have a potentially deadly brain tumor the cocksuckers would try for a trifecta.

Got Fear?

Who's next, G. Gordon Liddy?
Maybe Charlie Manson?
I'm sure he should have some interesting, if not completely fucking insane things to entertain the brain dead sonsabitches with.

If you watch Fox News, you are a brain dead motherfucker, that's all there is to it.
Right Wing Propaganda, 24/7, they don't even try to hide it.
Lying mother fuckers and proud of it.They have zero morals and zero journalistic integrity.
They have been busted so many fucking times lying, Red Handed, I can't believe the FCC doesn't have a case officer parked in their waiting room.

The heat is on these guys, the tide is turning and they are looking for Professional liars.

Oh Scooter?
Where For Art Thou?

Wouldn't surprise me a fucking bit.

Ya might as well read the National Enquirer, at least that shit is entertaining at times .
If you watch Fox News, you should alert them about Big Foot and Judy's affair while she was waiting for the Aspen roots to turn.

H/T to Valley Girl for the custom image. Thanks Hon'.


  1. Busted,

    Fox News is the village of the damned.

    see here for VG illustration:

  2. let me try that again- blogger doesn't allow long links, so you have to reconstruct this from the 2 lines

  3. It's a hard-hitting line-up top to bottom. Brat Hume, Karl Rove, Ollie North, Sean HankyT, billo, VanCistern, the three-headed morning monster, the mid-day moron, Barnes & Ignoble...

    adding Miller and Beck? Sounds like a solid move for the upcoming campaign.

    If you know how to watch Faux News, it can be very informative and entertaining.

    Where else can you get a 24/7 glimpse into an alternate reality?
    Sci-Fi? Nah, they jumped the shark delving into horror sci-fi.

    News from Faux's opposite world can help guide this nation. If it pisses off Faux, it's the correct way to go.

    In opposite world, right is wrong, down is up, bad is good. Fair and balanced is one-sided and biased.

    Concentrating that much anti- talent in one place will make it must see tv.

  4. Anonymous1:00 PM

    It should be advertised as reality tv.

  5. Jeg43,

    I really like your sense of humor.


    You have NAILED the whole Right Wing/FOX picture.

    NAILED IT. They are consolidating now. They already know it's over and they need to go back to Defense and Minority status... Shades of Norquist, Gingrich/Rush, Bob Dole, brought forward and "added 'value.'"

    The key is that they are already setting up. We win. But, is our side ready now for SUPER MAJORITYY status?

    Get ready and BE ready to start leading, now.