Sunday, September 07, 2008


The Republicans are once again trying to kill any dissent, this time by pressuring NBC to pink slip Olberman AND Tweety because they are just not objective enough, citing Fox News as the preferred model.
I shit you not.
Sooo, they are going to put in David Gregory.

Ball gargler number one, they have been dying to get this guy into the prime time spot.r.
Fuck me, They don't have the Mighty Wurlitzer fine tuned by now?

OK, I have to stop here, it is Eleven thirty at night and way past my bed time, I have to get up in the morning and if I go ONE MORE SECOND into this fucking BULLSHIT, I am going to pop a gasket.

This is off the charts.

Just go read this NYT article and try not to throw things that might be valuable.
Just another example of how very fucking desperate these cretins are.

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