Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Buffet Is This Way Mr. McCain.

Who the fuck is this guy trying to kid?

OHH, ya can't point out that he is older than my fathers Oldsmobile, that's not a fair fight!

Two words for that Bullshit argument, Fuck You.
The dude is old, do the fucking math.

Hell, He is as old as my father and I am thankful every day when I get to talk to him!

I keep hearing about how Mr. McCain can't do this, he can't do that, HE WAS a Prisoner of War Dammit!

Reality check.

He is old too.

Don't give me that crap, arthritis is one of my worst enemies, I can sympathize. I can't do half the things I would like to, that I used to do, and I climb up and down Semi Trucks all day! John McCain is twenty five years older than I am and I was born in 1960! Unless you are my 94 year old Grandmother, that is old. Face the facts.

Don't tell me I can't point out the obvious,that shit don't fly.
McCain cannot possibly claim to be physically and mentally fit enough to effectively try and excavate this country out of the giant pit of disaster that he helped dig!

Every time I turn around someone is trying to make excuses for his lack of awareness and his inability to perform some of the most basic physical functions that hundreds of millions of my fellow Americans do without a second thought.

Don't you fucking dare trying to put shame on me for pointing out these obvious facts, I see everyday where some lackey is trying to deflect this argument.

Before you try your next obvious attack point, I can absolutely get behind anyone with any kind of physical or mental ailment to try and better themselves, I have a few of my own.
Just don't try to deflect criticism of your candidate out of hand and use it like a weapon when he is so obviously impaired and has surrogates make excuses why he can't perform the basic functions required of the highest office of the land.

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  1. Anonymous8:33 AM

    I to am sick and fucking tired of this commentary. This fucker is old but bro lets put this in a personal matter. Our father is going to be 71 this year and while he is feisty as ever and quick as a whip I wouldn't want him in a job I know would kill him. Which to the point makes John Mcsames daughter a hypocrite and a daddy killer. Lets go further down the road shall we. Here is a guy that graduate 5th from the bottom of his class at annopolis and people want this guy as president. I asked busted who has a degree in automotive technology if It would be prudent to let the guy who graduated 5th from the bottom in his class to work on my car and he fell over laughing. Lets get a clue people. One last thing being a exnavy person myself I find it laughable that a person that has wrecked 5 yes 5 aircraft while in the service
    of our country that people actually
    want him as president when he couldn't even do the thing he was trained to do in the military. fuckin A.