Tuesday, September 09, 2008

"I've Been thinking And I Think I don't Want To Be Together Anymore"

How many times have I heard that one?
There must be an issue of Cosmopolitan that I missed at the dentist's office.

This time it ain't me, it's that treasonous , two timing weasel, Lieberman, FINALLY!

Step off , we just ain't into you no more.

I was a big cheerleader when Jane Hamsher took up the cause to get rid of Lieberman and it took the Democratic Big Wigs to bring to bear their displeasure after Ned Lamont KICKED Short Rides ASS in the Primary and now we see thathat weasel motherfucker had to give money to the Democrats while at the same time stumping for McCain.
Lieberman has been fucking the Democrats ever since he got his ass handed to him in the primary and has been slowly but surely exacting his revenge until it got to the point that he is a Republican in everything but name.

Better get used to being the Rodney Dangerfield of politics ya treacherous fucking bastard.

This treasonous ass licker has been siding with the Republicans ever since he got his ass kicked by an unknown in his bid for reelection as the Senator from Connecticut. He even mentored a freshman Senator from Illinois, Mr. Barack Obama, whom he is currently back stabbing at a furious pace.
Finally, finally, after being warned that if he stood up and made a speech at the Republican National Convention, the Democrats have had enough.
Personally, I would have dropped him off in the middle of Philly at midnight with a dollar and a dead cell phone.
Joseph Lieberman is the worst sort of traitor to any political party, he is only out for Joseph Lieberman.
And if one single person paying any attention to what is going on thinks Sarah Palin is a bad choice for Vice President, let me put this into perspective for you, even that Republican strategist and Treasonous fucking bastard Karl Rove couldn't make Joseph Lieberman palatable enough for the Base, it seems thirty pieces of silver is just a parting gift.
They might be racist ignorant sonsabitches, even they don't tolerate those who betray their own party.

Lieberman is going to go down in history as the only self centered quisling bastard to be defeated as the candidate for the Vice Presidency of both major parties, even though he didn't get the official nomination from the Republicans, he was close enough.
Have an asterisk ya sonofabitch.
Get the fuck out, Wrong Way Joe.

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  1. Have I ever mentioned how you have a way with words? No? Well, consider it mentioned.