Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Stupidity Lingers Too.

From Think Progress;

FEMA protects itself — not evacuees — from toxic trailers.

Last year, a report found that 94 percent of emergency housing trailers for Katrina victims contained “hazardous levels of formaldehyde.” CBS News reports that while “50,000 families along the Gulf Coast” are still forced to live in these trailers, FEMA has prohibited “its own staff from even briefly stepping inside trailers once residents have moved out” because of safety concerns:

In an Oct 19 email, a worker asks if there is “any safety reason you know of that says we can’t go into a [deactivated or previously used] trailer quickly to shut a vent.”

The response from the director of the Baton Rouge office, Jon Byrd, said, “the issue is formaldehyde.”

Then, on Oct. 22, this final answer from FEMA’s head of safety in Washington, David Chawaga: “Please reinforce … FEMA employees do not enter stored TTs until further notice…”

Instead of opening all the vents and letting them air out naturally. Fucking Idiots!
You have all heard of that "NEW CAR SMELL"?
Guess what?
That is some seriously noxious shit you are enjoying there.Much like the fomaldehyde stink, that new car smell is residual adhesive, plastic, vinyl, and other materials venting off.You know what else?
It goes away after a while.
Same fucking thing should happen to these trailers unless it is some ungodly amount used in the production process.
If that is the case, they should sue the fuck out of the manufacturers for replacement units and damages.
Your government at work.
Stupid bastards probably pull the covers up and sniff their own farts at night.

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