Thursday, May 10, 2007

Round Two

Abu strikes again.
I an swamped at work for a while and missed most of the lying fuckers testimony.
The old 'I don't recall' meme got another work out though.
That shit makes me wonder just how long Conyers is going to put up with it.
Of course, the ever helpful Republican Senators went wayyy out of their way to help the lying sack of weasel shit. They went off topic at every chance, intellectual property concerns, immigration concerns, Rove set 'em up and they ran with it. What I did catch was nauseating.
And to top it off, Cspan had the hiccups all damn day.
There is some good news though, Murray Wass ( God Bless him) came out with a report that says the DOJ is holding back emails that show Rover was involved and would also show clearly that Abu is lying out his ass.
I am waiting for that bomb to drop.

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