Friday, September 14, 2007

The Lame Duck Quacks

Heh, from the beating in the press that Stupie is gettin' over his lame assed speech yesterday it should be patently obvious to the stupidest knuckledragger out there that Bush has shot his wad.
Every review I have seen has been taking pot shots at the dumb fuck.
I t should be apparent to the right wing fucktards that has been fucking this country over by rubber stamping anything that ever came out of the Whitehouse while he has been in it too.
The cocksucker basically threw up his hands and said it's all yours to whoever follows the jackass into the Presidency.
The forever war.
I won't bother repeating any of the drooling lickspittles talking points because there basically weren't any.The same old , tired shit, over and over.
He did say some of our boys and girls could come home depending on the amount of success they achieve.
'Scuse me, jughaid, who gets to determine that? You?
There is a countdown clock at the bottom of this page that I refer to every day. NOT SOON ENOUGH!
This guy needs to go before he gets bored with his failure and tries to liven up the party with another stupid fucking idea.

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